Industrial Safety Activities


ТОО «SENTAL» offers the following services to its Kazakhstan and international clients:

  • expert services in oil and gas extracting, processing, petrochemical and other hazardous industrial facilities;
  • expert review of industrial safety on the basis of design documentation, equipment, technologies and materials;
  • assistance with the preparation of documents and accompanying support until approvals and permits for technical equipment delivery have been granted.

It should be remembered that industrial safety of hazardous production facilities is a state of protection of vital interests of individuals and the society from man-made accidents, catastrophes and their consequences.

A series of measures have been developed to achieve these goals and ensure safety during the operation of technical devices.

Your safety and tranquility is our job!

We perform the following types of industrial safety expert review:

  • an expert review of the industrial safety of hazardous technical devices and equipment with the purpose to obtain a permit for their use in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • an expert review of industrial safety declarations to determine the completeness of data they contain;
  • an industrial safety expert review to identify safety hazards at hazardous production facilities, as well as the number of people in the area of potential exposure in order to let a competent authority make a decision on whether it should be declared a hazardous production facility;
  • an expert examination and technical diagnostics of expired equipment in order to establish its further service life;
  • an expert review of other documents related to the operation of hazardous production facilities.

SENTAL LLP provides technical diagnostics of technical devices at hazardous production facilities including non-destructive testing (NDT) of equipment. Non-destructive testing serves primarily to ensure industrial safety without compromising the integrity of the actual equipment. Modern methods of diagnostics are employed to detect various defects that may significantly affect the safety. Non-destructive testing helps to maintain industrial safety without stopping the operation and resorting to an expensive procedure of equipment reassembly.

We possess our own certified laboratory of non-destructive testing. Our laboratory is equipped with all the necessary means and methods to carry out the diagnostics of hazardous production facilities and our employees are A-class specialists capable of performing the diagnostics according to the highest standards.

Our services include obtaining of a permit to use technical devices at hazardous production facilities, which is requisite for the operation of the latter. The procedure and conditions of granting the permit to use are stipulated in the Civil Protection Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (No. 188‑V dd. 11 April 2014).

The Company staff consists exclusively of qualified professional experts, each with a practical knowledge of solving industrial safety issues. We have a flexible pricing policy and take into consideration the scope of works, the modality and duration of cooperation, as well as the financing available to our clients. Our employees always treat our clients’ preferences with great care and accomplish any intended objectives.

The key principles of operation of SENTAL LLP are maximum quality and efficiency and minimum complications for our customers.

We will be happy to see you among our respected clients!

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Important information
Industrial safety does not make part of occupational safety. It might be said that these are overlapping notions. The main objective of industrial safety is to prevent and/or mitigate incidents at hazardous industrial facilities.
An incident is the destruction of buildings and/or technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, uncontrolled explosion and/or release of hazardous substances… An incident is the destruction of buildings and/or technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, uncontrolled explosion and/or release of hazardous substances… An incident is the destruction of buildings and/or…
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